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Private Equity Investors

The unique risk management needs of LBO's and performance improvement.

Before the Deal - Due Diligence Services

Deals rarely fail because the market turned on you or your financial models didn’t accurately predict success. Target firms fall short of achieving your goal for sale because something in the leadership of the firm or the relationship with you as the investor failed. Our goals are to create transparency, confidence and control of human elements of the business by the following actions:


  • Evaluate senior & critical employee competence
  • Examine all compensation systems for competitiveness and triggers
  • Challenge integrity and look for inconsistency
  • Evaluate management preparedness for ownership change.
  • Test the level of talent and successors in the business.
  • Identify talent flight risk and other people risks to financial growth.
  • Analyze the jobs and the “rightness” of the organization structure.
  • Examine the documented history of the people you are trusting.
  • Behaviorally interview and/or test everyone who you'll be relying on.


During the Deal - Transition Services

During this period, change and uncertainty can  affect the people in the investment target. Productivity wavers, new leaders come on board and needed employees may jump ship.


We provide advice and active people management during the change of control. This service also includes financially prudent service outsourcing, economical recruitment of talent and other HR leadership provided at a fractional cost.


After the Deal - Value Improvement Services

Most investment targets do not have strong Human Capital leadership.

White Tower Group can provide interim or fractional leadership to complete restructuring, coach management on leading in a period of change, complete recruitment where needed, and implement people strategies to achieve your financial model's goals for future liquidity.

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