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Your people are our business too.

An overview of our services and expertise.

Strategic Human Capital

Profitable growth through planning, structuring and improving your business and your people.

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  • Fractional Leadership

    Do you need executive level HR leadership and advice - but you aren't in a position to hire one full-time?


    Fractional leadership is the equivalent of having a full-time, highly experienced executive leading your HR team and advising your managers for as little as a day or two a month or more as needed.


    A fractional leader can operate as a senior team member, providing guidance, coaching, and functional expertise at a fraction of the cost of a similarly experienced full-time executive.

  • Organization Design

    Do you have a nagging instinct that there's a better way to run your business?


    We recognize the need for creativity in how people report to each other, how functions relate and how people are effective in their jobs - and we find your solution. We guide planned, top-down, organization-wide efforts to increase the organization's effectiveness and viability.

  • Strategic Planning

    Is your firm’s mission and strategic plan clear to eveyone?

    Using proven models and facilitation, we ensure that your vision and plan for the future is realizable and that your people are ready to achieve it.

  • Culture Change

    Are you feeling that your firm's culture is slipping out of your control?


    Culture is the sum total of all your practices, past stories, beliefs and behaviours.  We have experience using unique methods to assess culture, identify areas to preserve, and prune away what isn't needed.  We use innovative methods such as corporate story-telling to form a new and deliberate culture.

  • Succession Planning

    Are you only one sick owner or one quit employee away from stumbles that will hurt your firm significantly?


    Successful firms plan for replacements and development. Succession planning is one of our specialties as it requires creativity and cultural encouragement - not just hiring and cross training more people.  We can show you how others have solved the same issues you face today.

  • Executive Coaching

    Are you a confident leader or owner who needs somewhere to open up and get advice? Do your leaders need the same?


    Executives, owners and new or transitioning leaders often benefit from a productive and challenging coach to make them more effective leaders. Our team are experienced coaches and have help many professionals and owners to lead better.

  • Advisory Boards

    Have you been considering finding great advisors and creating an Advisory Board? Looking for a Human Capital expert to join your existing board?


    We can cover you on both topics.


    We provide guidance on the set-up and operation of advisory boards as well as the professional sourcing of knowledgable independent advisors. In addition, we can bring expertise on strategic human resource challenges, compensation and management of executive performance.

Professional Talent Search

Finding, developing & keeping the leaders and technical talent needed to meet business goals.

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  • Finding Talent

    Have you ever made a poor hiring decision?


    Finding the right people with the right talents, getting

    them to join you and fit into your culture is as intimidating

    a task as it sounds.


    We utilize robust research of industry sectors to find the people you need but who would not necessarily respond to advertising. We assess them with unique simulations to ensure that they can perform in your organization and deliver  on expectations.


    Our model for retained search is economical and beyond the abilities of traditional search firms to reproduce.

  • Integrating Talent

    Many new hires fail to stick. Is there something you can do about that fact?


    We offer unique on-boarding support to help ensure that the traditionally poor retention of senior or professional hires is not a concern for your firm.


    Facilitated new leader assimilation sessions, 100 day leadership 360 feedback and other tools are used to help you keep the people you've worked hard to attract.

  • Keeping Talent

    Are you lying awake at night concerned that key people

    might leave your firm?


    Retaining key staff is more than paying them better. The

    programs to keep important people are as unique as the people themselves. We start by understanding what motivates performers and then we get creative about meeting their expectations and keeping them on board.

HR Services & Products

Economically accessing services and products to run HR and address operational issues.

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  • Performance Improvement

    Developing practical and impactful disciplines of defining expectations, measuring performance and planning improvement.

  • Compensation Planning

    Provision of suitable incentives, including non-monetary ones, to ensure employee engagement.

  • Regulatory Guidance

    Have you received a discrimination or harassment complaint (or a threat of one)?.  Perhaps you've had a WSIB assessment or complaint.  If you need help preparing to investigate or defend claims or cost impacts, you need to talk with us first.

  • Policies and Programs

    Development of useful policies and guidance for employees and managers to bring discipline to your operations.

  • Measures and Scorecards

    Business and human capital measures provide needed

    objective data for better decision-making.

  • Career Transition Services

    One-on-one transition coaching or group sessions, designed to assist employees whose roles have been eliminated and who seek professional guidance in their search for their next career move.


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